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The website of Tirupati Holidays use cookies with the objective of providing better-customized information when you visit us again. Cookies are recognizers that a website can send to your browser to store on your computer and facilitate your next visit to our site. Hence, you need to manipulate the configuration of your web browserfor receiving notificationsas and when Tirupati Holidays sendyou a cookie. The information Tirupati Holidays collect and analyse serves to improve our service.

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Tirupati Holidays will not sell in the market or provide the information to third parties that you provide to us and when you agree to use our online service as a registered user. Except when required in a lawsuit, search or other legal process or in case of imminent physical damage to the user or other persons. Tirupati Holidays gives providers access to information to confirm their registration and provide the benefits to which they are entitled.

Tirupati Holidays takes the necessary measures for the safeguarding of the information you share with us. Tirupati Holidays implement the latest security features, policies and strict technologies to protect your personal information from abuse, unauthorized access or disclosure. Tirupati Holidays will continue to improve its security protocol with the advent of new technologies.

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