About Jalore Fort

Jalore is popular for its traditional Rajasthani culture. Jalore Fort is the only fort which is the main attraction of Jalore tourism. It is one of oldest forts of Rajasthan and it is famous for long and battle between its Rajput king and Khilaji in early 14th century.

Mainly Jalore is famous for its narrow lanes. Auto rickshaw is the best way to reach to base. The city is known as the “Granite city” because here are many shops those is famous for their granite business. It is famous for the dances performed by the Bhils tribals, specially the Dhole dance & others like Gauri- a religious dance drama and Ghoomar.

The Main Poles or Fort Gateway

There are many gateways in the fort some of them are: - The Suraj Pol, Dhruv Pol, Bal Pol and the Siroh Pol .these gateways are leading the forts. The Suraj pol and the sun gate got their name on sun because first ray of the morning sun enters through this gateway. The Dhruv pol is rather simple looking compared to Suraj pol.

Mosque of Malik Shah

It is a house that is at the center of the forts, and was made for famous Mohammedan saint. Malik Shah's mosque was built by Ala-ud-din Khilji. It shows the Gujarati designer architecture.

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