As we know Jaisalmer is famous for its desert parts so Jaisalmer fort is the largest Desert fort in the world. Jaisalmer fort was made by Rajput leader Rawal Jaisal and put the name of city on his name. The fort stands on the desert part of the Rajasthan and Trikuta Hill which is made many beautiful spots for visitors. It was made by yellow sandstone walls so that’s why it is looking like a magical honey-gold as the sun sets. For its yellow color this forts is known by “Golden fort”

Hot Attractions

About the forts it is one of the popular forts in the world it is located in the middle of the Golden Desert part of Rajasthan. It rises like a mirage from the sands, with its huge turrets pointing skywards. It was built in 1156 so that’s why it is the oldest forts of India. It was made by Raja Jaisal who was searching for a new capital so he discovered the Jaisalmer and made it his Capital.

Located on a Hill top:-

As we know this forts is situated on the Trikuta Hill (triangular-triple-peaked hill). This fort is having purely yellow color in the desert so it shins like a sunbeam in the Desert. This fort is on 250 feet high hill and having 30 feet high strong sandstone wall. It has 99 bastions, 92 of which were built between 1633 and 1647 to be used as gun platforms. View of the 99 bastions of the fort is always made memorable movement for the Visitor.

A Marvel Built in Sandstone:-

Jaisalmer fort is shinning in the moon light like an Agra Taj Mahal. Its beautiful yellow light always made an interesting movement for the visitor. It has all the romance and suspense of a Hitchcock mystery. The half part of this fort was using for army to march  over its enormous paved flagstones, while those defending the fort shoot missiles at them from the ramparts.

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