Bikaner was established in 1488 AD, by the Rathore prince, Bika, the liveliest and most venturesome child of Rao Jodha of Marwar. The cruel desert encompasses this rich city; no doubt few could gather courage to venture into this part of the globe. Situated directly on the ancient caravan routes which connected West/Central Asia and North India, made Bikaner a thriving exchange focus the medieval period. It was then known as Jangaldesh and was pined for by Gurjar-Pratihars,Chauhans and the Bhatis.

The sustained town still preserves the atmosphere of medieval times, as it is ensured by brutal desert and stayed immaculate by outside impact. The city is an activity in architecture, one gapes in stunningness at the troubled wall with luxurious gates. The elevated houses with phenomenal carvings still endure asserting to the craftsmanship and thriving of the individuals.

Camel Festival 2019
The edified ruler Maharaja Ganga Singh (1880 – 1943 AD), is associated with his work towards upliftment of local people and building the Gang Canal for inundating the arid land. Presently Bikaner treasures the valuable Himalayan waters which gets through the Canal. The town is additionally well known for delicacies like Rasgullas, Bhujias and Papads. It has become a major wool production center, and has a novel Camel Research Farm.

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